Marketing and Sales Support Lead

Washington, District of Columbia, United States


We're looking for someone super-organized who loves making connections and celebrating relationships. The Marketing and Sales Support Lead is the the first person to interact with a new client and may be the most important role on our team. Your role would be to promote and support our work and help us connect with great clients.

In this role, you will:


Our small studio started in 2009 with a simple mission: to create beautiful work, tell stories that are worth telling, and make a difference. And we've succeeded! We work with some of the biggest organizations in the DC area and (for some reason) they keep coming back for more. Help us become better artists, and storytellers and animators by working with us.

We’ve always been about one thing: telling good stories. Whether for education, entertainment, or inspiration, stories are at the core of our humanity. Our name deliberately evokes this age-old obsession with stories by sounding like a fable, The Duke & the Duck, but without coming with the baggage of an already existing tale.

We believe that absolutely everyone and everything is worth celebrating, and people tell us that our enthusiasm is infectious. If you think you might be a good fit, we’re excited to meet you.


More than a specific set of experiences or education, we want someone with the right mix of proven organizational judgement, talent, communication, and passion for the kind of work we do.

You may be perfect if:

If you're still with us, you may be just the right kind of quirky person for our team. Go ahead and click "Apply" right now. We want to hear from you!


The biggest benefit is our chance to do something wonderful together. To be a part of a team making art for a living, and hang out with people who feel the same way you do about telling kick-ass stories.

Our official benefits include:

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